Google Duo Working On Android Screen Sharing Again

In 2018, Google Duo for Android temporarily had a display sharing feature that has been quietly removed after three months. The program is working on that performance again.

In this app Insight’s article, we have decompiled the latest version of a program that Google uploaded to the Play Store as soon as we decompile these files.

We are ready to view various lines of code inside, hint at potential future features. Remember that Google may or may never ship these attributes, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect.

We will try to enable those that are nearer to being finished, however, to explain to you how they will look they do ship.

While the capacity is present in Google today, this interface is relatively simple. The experience sounds similar to the actual execution of Google Duo, and hopefully, the floating control allows users to stop or screen sharing returns.

Screen sharing isn’t yet live. The attribute can be Useful on mobile, but it’ll be incredibly powerful for Google Duo online.

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