Files By Google Will Be Getting A Password Protected Safe Folder

If you use Files to shop and manage your files, then you might want to learn that Google could shortly be introducing a method for you to protect certain files. This is based on a APK teardown by 9to5Google where they found evidence to suggest that there might soon be a password protected”Safe” folder.

This is a feature where in this dedicated Folder, users will be able have it protected by a PIN and to store files. This means that even if a person manages to unlock your phone and see your files, they won’t be able to gain access unless they understand the folder’s PIN code.

It should be noted That this PIN code will be set by the user themselves and will not be the exact same PIN as your cell phone. This means that in case someone guesses the PIN of your phone, they will not have the ability to access the contents of this folder, so it is suggested that you use a different PIN in the one on your phone.

What is interesting is that the APK also hints that the contents from the folder will be encrypted. Because There’s a warning this is That if you were to forget your PIN, you will not be able to recover its contents. There’s no word on if this feature will soon be rolled out to Users, but provided that it was found in the most recent APK for the app, We’ll be seeing it.

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