Facebook Experiments With Adding Face ID To Messenger Inbox

Facebook is testing a new attribute for Messenger that enables users to protect their messages. Once enabled, users need to authenticate their identity with Face ID, Touch ID, or their passcode before seeing their inbox, even when their phone is unlocked.

You could even set a period after leaving for when you will want to re-authenticate the program.

Even though it could be available on Android, the business is now testing the security attribute, one of a small fraction of Messenger’s iOS users.

We would like to give people more options and controls to secure their private messages, and lately, we started testing a feature that allows you to unlock the Messenger program with your device’s settings. It is an extra layer of solitude to stop somebody else from accessing the messages.

The attribute is like security settings of several other popular chat programs, such as encrypted messaging program Signal, which has witnessed a spike in downloads lately.

Facebook was beefing up the security characteristics of Messenger. The business has an encrypted messaging attribute; Secret Conversations also has stated that it would like to one day create end-to-end security a default setting of this program. These programs, however, are probably still years off.

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