Another Innovative Company Has Given Up On Revolutionizing Mobile Photography

Light, the company behind that the Nokia 9’s exceptional array of five back cameras, has given up on its unconventional attempt to revolutionise the cameras in our pockets.

Light setup to overcome the limitations of camera Sensors in our phones — by cramming a ton of cameras onto a single device and combining the information from all those modules. Its proof of concept for this was the 2,000 L16 camera.

After that, Light partnered about the Nokia 9 and with Nokia Went so far as to create a customised chip that helped the phone’s Snapdragon chip successfully capture information from its five rear cameras simultaneously.

However, by now, the Nokia 9 launched Like Google, Apple, and Huawei had already found their magic with HDR that is smart and stitching multiple images.

Worse yet, gathering data from five cameras contributed to slow capture and processing times, which meant you’re at risk for missing a follow-up shot.

More recently, larger-sized sensors are finding their way into smartphones to assist further enhance image detail and quality.

That is led Light to follow in the footsteps of Lytro Course significantly changes.

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