Android 11 Will Finally Lift The Idiotic 4GB Cap On Video Recordings

Most people balked before phones Began recording 4K footage Idea that their videos could rise to bigger and 4GB. Things have changed, obviously, and it requires less than 15 minutes to hit that mark. You could be thinking this should not matter that can handle file sizes up. But, sizes were still restricted by an old API from the days of 32-bit Android at 4GB, which compelled video files to be split into different documents at regular intervals. A fix for this was promised a while back and Android 11 Beta 1 finally delivers on this, however it is not likely to matter if you are not using the right camera programs — and the Google Camera is not among these (yet).

A complaint was first raised Back highlighting the demand for Media Recorder to empower recording videos more than 4GB. Multiple reports had been made since then, but a resolution came back in December when a devote to AOSP made the necessary adjustments to enlarge the limitation. Contrary to expectations, Android 11 programmer previews began rolling out and the cap was in effect. Just a couple of weeks ago, a thread in the issue tracker revealed this was the case, but Google developers ultimately confirmed the new code could be chucked into Beta 1.


After upgrading to Beta , I found it produced split video files in 4GB and analyzed the Google Camera program. The test using a few other movie recorders produced the behaviour, including Filmic Pro. But, I found that Open Camera from Mark Harman, a well-known (and free) app could write single movie files bigger than 4GB. There are likely more programs that work just like Open Camera, however I have not come across them.

In most likelihood, the mpeg4writer API is being probably used by Open Camera Named in the commit. Meanwhile, programs such as Filmic Guru and Google Camera are plausibly using different APIs that have the dimensions cap, or they’re rolling custom implementations for composing and programming files, which makes sense.

Irrespective of the motive, Android seems to function as the Bottleneck that keeps files that are video at 4GB, so the duty to repair This behavior falls on app developers. Since Beta 1 is Just a few Days, it will take a while for programmers to release Updates.

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