Grand Theft Auto Online Loading Time Fix On the Way, Thanks to Player
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Grand Theft Auto Online Loading Time Fix On the Way, Thanks to Player

Grand Theft Auto Online Loading Time Fix On the Way, Thanks to Player

Even though Grand Theft Auto Online has appreciated practically endless success because of its launch years back, not all about the sport is gold for gamers. Grand Theft Auto Online’s loading time on starting up the name, as an instance, is a frequent complaint among gamers. Support is now on the way for this issue, and courtesy of a fellow participant.

Grand Theft Auto 5 and its connected Online encounter are predicted to observe a next-gen update for Xbox collection X/S and PS5 after this season. However, gamers will not need to wait long for a certain amount of advancement in loading times.

Back at the beginning of March, a developer going by the title t0st, frustrated with the fact that GTA Online had not seen a considerable decrease in loading time following all these years, then dug into the code to locate the issue. Their search led them to one bottleneck from the code, which was only within the game’s Online edition. The developer offered a means to change the programming to remove this bottleneck, cutting edge GTA Online loading times up to 70 percent.

As opposed to supplying the adjustment and leaving it, t0st completely explained their findings and requested Rockstar to execute their advice to make a fix. When it might have stopped there, seemingly Rockstar took note and really did just that. Rockstar has announced a fix predicated upon t0st’s findings will probably be inserted in an upcoming patch. While it has not promised around a 70% decrease in loading times as t0st’s fix failed, any decrease in loading time and strain on an individual’s CPU should be a bonus for gamers.

While gamers are probably happy at this time, the odds are that t0st is, also. Rockstar Games not just publicly acknowledged the repair. Still, besides, it awarded t0st that a Rockstar Bug Bounty of a whopping $10,000 when these awards are generally reserved for people who detect bugs that hackers or players could exploit, that this fix was seemingly so great that Rockstar bent the rules this once.

For the time being, there is no information on when this upgrade will soon be available for gamers. But, GTA Online undergoes regular updates, so gamers probably won’t have a wait. Together with the coming standalone Grand Theft Auto Online launch, there is no better time for gamers to have the ability to get the sport more quickly than they’ve been over many years.

Grand Theft Auto Online Loading Time Fix On the Way, Thanks to Player
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